...what we, as human beings, seek after. Love fulfills us daily. And love begins in the morning, when you open up your eyes enjoying her smile, touching and stroking her cheeks... being totally happy and content, because of her existence.

Love is the unexplainable, the sensational, the complete...


Weddingphotography, City Hall, San Francisco, CA. USA

Couple Portraits, Bodensee, Meersburg, Deutschland

Wedding, Triberg, Schwarzwald, Deutschland

Love is a material, which nature weaved, and the phantasy embroidered.

Monthly quotation of love January´19

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Coupleshoot & Weddingphotography in beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

...like a beautiful flower,‍‍ every human being needs its affection. The flower needs water, the human being needs attention, tender loving care: Let´s sum it up with one word: we all need love!

Be ready to give everything, and she will bloom...

Coupleshoot & Weddingphotography in‍‍ beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

Couple Portraits, Del Monte Beach, Monterey, CA. USA

"Enjoy every instant, because time flies by in notime - the only things left, are your memorys."

Coupleshoot, Furtwangen, Schwarzwald, Deutschland


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Being married at the Maldives?
Or handing over your rings in Cape Town?
Most of the time, my couples are getting married on their own, somewhere in this world, at their dream location - where I accompany them with joy and love. That way we craft without any stress and time pressure some beautiful wedding photos or couple portraits, which will set you back to this exact moment, even in 30+ years.😍

Getting married in Tuscany, or just having done some beautiful coupleportraits in Cuba?

As soon as you have such photographs of yourself - beautiful, authentic, real photographs, which will show your togetherness, your emotions, so naturally and intimate - these photographs will get more valuable year by year while letting you feel the exact moment looking back at those photographs. And as soon as you "touch" and "hang" them, these photographs on your walls, will get even more valuable as they already are.

A couple shoot at the Del Monte Beach, Monterey, California

A photograph is worth a thousand words...


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You would love to have such memorys, real, authentic photographs? ... just write me a message by Email / Facebook / Instagram. or by the contactform.

Paarshooting, Lifestyle Shoot, San Francisco, CA. USA.

Wedding photography San Francisco, CA. USA.

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Why not capture memories of love, in the city of love? - San Francisco, California

A lot of people dream about the City of love, San Francisco. With all the various facets. Every corner has their very special charm. San Francisco is definitely the city of artists. With all his colorful wall paintings in the "Mission District", the "Marina District" with the beautiful scenery. And the famous "cable cars" coin the charm quarter "Russian Hill", where you will have a beautiful view over the city. I am realizing, I already loose myself completely in these beautiful memories, about this incredible city. Here, these two wonderful people, tied the knot and married. Have a look, and see some couple photos as well as wedding photos. By the way, I am getting askked all the time, if the City Hall was rented that day they married? ´Cause it looks like it was nobody there. 😊 .. Well, no ! - I did shoot it like "they were alone"... 😎😍

As soon as the offspring of these two beautiful souls will be old enough and will see these beautiful and vivid photographs of his/her parents, he/she will be very happy! By now I already got informed, that the birth was successful and a beautiful girl saw the light of day and can account herself fortunate to have incredible parents, and besides everything, to have these beautiful memories.

...first of all, the most important thing is, the chemistry between us... when we, as human beings, "click", the rest will be a piece of cake. I mean, obviously, you question yourself, what am I supposed to do in front of the camera? How am I supposed to pose or stand etc. ? - that´s exactly the point - we won´t pose! Neither will we let you in awkward situations...! Rather we use "adjectives" like "alive", "cheerful", "expressively" - which will be our basis for a candid couple photography session or a wedding shoot, which correspond perfectly with my philosophy. And that´s the recipe so have very dynamic, authentic and natural photographs :-)

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To visualize love, authentic emotions, can be so easy...


Ein Hochzeitspaar im Innenhof einer Villa in der Toskana, Italien.

Coupleshoot & Weddingphotography in beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

Your wedding, is Your (!) very special day. Why should it be traditional? Why that special day should be held near your home town? I´d say, if it is your wish, to marry in Hawaii or Cuba, to enjoy and fill your photographs with these outrageous, caribbean colors and stay in the caribbean ocean up to the knees while getting married, it´s your free choice! Think about it - it´s Your day, Your love and Your very own wedding, which should be something really special...

Your moments...Your wedding Your memorys...

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Couple Photography, Black Forest, Vöhrenbach, Deutschland

Coupleshoot (behind the scenes), Bodensee, Meersburg, Germany

Couple Portraiture, Black Forest, Villingen-Schwenningen, Deutschland

I don´t want to bore you with cliché frases such as "I love to photograph, it´s my passion to capture your moments" etc. - More important is, what I believe in - I do believe with all my soul, no matter which nationality or skin color do people have,

always exists a very special bond between them. And this bond is for the human eye not always visible, although, if you get very "close" to people, than they open up. And at this point, I "join the game". My work, my art, whatever you want to call it, should capture your feelings in its true form. No typical, staged photographs,

Paarshooting, Schwarzwald, Villingen-Schwenningen, Deutschland

And beautiful memories need to get captured on a photograph. And imagine, to decorate your beautiful house/apartment with these memories - which is one of the biggest moment for my couples as it is for me.
So if you think about, to have these kind of precious moments captured and

no "poses" etc. Just the two of you, the way you live and love. And I mean, I get it, to show feelings while a camera is looking at you, is not always a breeze, but with the right chemistry between us, I guarantee, it will be a wonderful experience. That´s why, I will let you by yourself, enjoying the moment,

Photographs, which will show off your joy and happiness, will get more valuable over the years. But we forget that quit often, because of the fast-moving, digital age. But think of all your offsprings, what a beautiful thought, imagining them to see these kind of photographs? I want to tell you, that any kind of memories, are wonderful.

By now I do weddings and couple portraiture internationally. Why?
Because "Love" speaks the same language all around the world. "Okay Matthias, we got that - but why should we have such photographs of us? What´s so special about it?" - It´s pretty simple;

without any real instructions - so you can give your feelings free reign. The cue: "Enjoyment!" It´s all about you, enjoying your moments together. And I can guarantee, this enjoyment, you will see and feel in the photographs. That´s why the photos will seem very real, candid and authentic.

and to tie the knot with your loved one, somewhere, alone, at one of the most beautiful places in this world (it´s called "Elopement" as well), or you are interested in a wedding reportage or documentation, just contact me and we will plan together, how we craft the most beautiful wedding photos or couple portraits for you, which the most will dream of.

Here you can have a look at "behind the scenes".

Love is tangible in many situations - so take it, hold it and enjoy it !

Intimate couple shoot, Germany

...because we tend to forget often, how important affection and tenderness is - for the relationship, as well as for your own soul. What a great feeling it might be, to see such authentic and real feelings in your own precious photographs? :-)

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